Bullring Drivers
2018-B K&N Pro LateModels
Sprint Cup
Car# Driver Make Sponsor Team
10 Michael Fearon Dodge Jamaica Red Stripe
11 Tony Solare Ford Mountain Dew-RIGID Bent-Fenders Racing
12 Lee Surber Ford Linux Solutions Bent-Fenders Racing
21 Randy Minor Chevy US Army-Lowes
24 Kevin Kelleher Chevy AARP-Pepsi BullRing East
25 Philly Howard Chevy Folgers-Valero BullRing East
29 Kevin Timpke Chevy Marlboro-Hertz PHANTOM Racing
3 Doug Beasley Chevy GM Goodwrench-Crisco Michigan MotorSports
32 Bob Palmer Ford Monster Energy Drink Buffalo Stampede Racing
34 Tim White Chevy Cheer- Food Lion WBR Racing
38 Austin Dickson Dodge Gatorade/Taco Bell Bullring South
43 David Hensley Dodge STP Oil Treatment SouthEast MotorSports
44 Joey Wilkie Chevy NAPA Auto Parts
45 Mike Chevrier Dodge Wells Fargo Hard Charger Motorsports
55 Matt Miraglia Dodge Matts CNC Shop Mid-Hudson Motorsports
6 Reggie Alcarez Ford Valvoline MaxLife Hard Charger MotorSports
66 Randy Mahlum Ford Ford-Roushyates
72 Steve Pierce Chevy Captain Morgan Captain Morgan Racing
75 Jay Neels Dodge Budweiser-Dodge NC Racing
77 Danny Coral Dodge Jasper Engines-Kodak Mid-Hudson Motorsports
82 Andy Harkins Chevy Poland Spring-Quaker State BullRing East
83 Troy Dickson Dodge Evan Williams Bourbon Bullring South
84 Andy Margo Ford Discount Tire Hard Charger MotorSports
87 Brad Cornthwaite Dodge Furniture Row NC Racing
88 Chuck Darling Chevy Trident Layers-Diet Michigan MotorSports
98 Jerry Lepage Chevy NIKKO-Cheeze-it BullRing East

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