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January 1st, 2012- The BullRing Released a Three Part Dirt Racing Extravaganza. Part-1 Features a Handful of mod Updates with a Meaner, Muddier look the 358 Modified Mod.

Part-2 Includes a Seven Track-Pack Featuring Brand New never before seen Dirt Textures to All Official 358 Tracks. Also featured are several Fixes, Updates, and Reconfigurations to each Track with Enhanced Dirt AI for an Enjoyable Offline Racing Experience, and Championship Season. Topping off Part-2 is our Brand New Build of Accord Speedway for Icing on the Track-Pack Cake!

Part-3 Seals the Dirty Deal with the long anticipated Dirt Late Models For NR2003. The Mod comes Equipped with 39 Cars Mixed with Real, A few Fictional, and Our own League drivers filling a Roster all set to compete against Offline in a 21 week Championship Season. Our Gang has enjoyed Racing them for over a Year, We Now Share them with You. Enjoy!

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