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League Rules and Guidelines

**NOTICE** Sprint Cup Registration at The BullRing is Now Open for the 2015 Season. We are considering New Drivers by Invite, or Recommendation Only. We are Still accepting Applications for Monday Night K&N Drivers. Those Full-Time K&N Series Drivers interested Will earn consideration towards a Roster Spot in the Thursday Nights Sprint Cup Series.

All divisions of The BullRing Racing League run in Hardcore Mode (Forced Cockpit), and are geared for advanced Sim Racers. The BullRing Prides itself on very low Yellow flag Racing. All Drivers will be required to drive with respect, and maturity.

  • These General Race rules apply,  if you Have  been Online Racing, you know what they mean.
  • No Childish Bullshit  ( You will get booted )
  • Minimum Racing age is 25 for Trucks-Cup, and age 21 on Monday's, and Fridays. Sorry we are a group of Men that aren't here to babysit.
  • No Restarts after the last car has completed a green flag lap.
  • Admin's will not clear black flags ( Don't Ask)

    3 Strikes Defined: Self Spins, Drifting Up, Squeezing Down, or bumping resulting in contact with a car in front of or next to you.  A driver responsible for any of the incidents listed above resulting in a yellow will simply type "Mine". When you have reached your limit of 3 you must retire.
    (A driver causing a yellow will also pit when allowed, and continue to pit assuring the field that you too will start in the back. (Only The Lucky Dog will restart behind you).
  • (CONTACT INCIDENT Stalemate) Defined: When both initial-contact drivers of an incident resulting in a caution fail to promptly claim responsibility. The Admin will ask once... (whose yellow?) If neither feel they were at fault, a Stalemate will be declared, and BOTH drivers will move to the rear in conjunction to Rule (6a) regardless of how many laps remain.
  • (Race Leaders Coming-To-The-Checkers Rule) We pride ourselves on respect, and clean two-wide racing here. Grab some track and may the best man win. In the event that a last lap incident involves contact with The Leader. Most times these are "racing deals" resulting from hard racing, but EACH incident will be reviewed in conjunction to Rule (8). A 50 Point Penalty will be sanctioned to one, or both drivers found in violation of Rule (8)
  • Lucky Dog  is the first car 1 lap down as the field is frozen by yellow. (that driver has one chance to get this right!) As the Lucky Dog, you will pit on your allowed Lap, and continue to pit each lap under yellow. You must wait for pit road to clear before leaving. You WILL insure the field that you are re-starting dead last...that means NOT ONE SINGLE car will be behind you coming to the green. The lap will be  granted  back upon restart. There is No Lucky Dog with less than 10 to go regaurdless of which lap the caution occurs.
  • All Lappers must pit with 10 to go. On Restarts with less than 10 to go you may LOW-LINE all you want; however, you MUST give the other guy a lane to race. If a driver is found zigging and zagging to chop and/or block (This includes "using both grooves" some refer to as (Diamond Cutting)
  • 9) No racing back to yellow, until there are 10 or less laps to go in the race.
  • Yellow Line Rule: Racing, or Passing below the yellow line is Prohibited at all times. This will also pertain to apron cutting on tracks such as (Chicago, and Kansas).
  • Any infractions of all rules found upon replay review, can result in an additional 25 point penalty.


*Click For Abbreviated Audio Rule-Book*

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