Cup Standings
2017-A Monster Energy Cup Standings
Pos. +/- Driver Points Behind Starts Wins Top
Poles DNFs
1 - Danny Coral145Leader413400
2 - Kevin Timpke142-3413410
3+1Jerry Lepage140-5413300
4-1David Hensley131-14412300
5 - Tim White124-21403320
6 - Philly Howard119-26400400
7 - Tony Solare119-26400300
8+4Brad Cornthwaite111-34401200
9-1Andy Harkins110-35400300
10-1Andy Margo106-39401300
11 - Lee Surber97-48400000
12+2Reggie Alcarez91-54400100
13-3Kevin Kelleher90-55400200
14+1Troy Dickson88-57400000
15+1Jay Neels88-57400000
16-3Matt Miraglia81-64400100
17+2Sherwood Williford78-67302200
18 - Randy Minor77-68401100
19-2Michael Fearon73-72400000
20 - Bob Palmer49-96300000
21-Jeff Marble35-110101110
22-Cody James22-123100000
23-Andy Ticco22-123100000

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