Cup Standings
2017-A Monster Energy Cup Standings
Pos. +/- Driver Points Behind Starts Wins Top
Poles DNFs
12Tim White310301841315111
2-1Danny Coral3097-6183121400
3-1Brad Cornthwaite3091-1218171300
40Philly Howard3088-1518051700
50Jerry Lepage2162-941183101630
60Andy Margo1197-190618031200
70Kevin Timpke1051-205212491110
80Tony Solare524-257918131110
91Jay Neels511-25921814711
10-1Matt Miraglia508-259518091300
111Kevin Kelleher497-260618041300
12-1Andy Harkins492-261118011100
130Lee Surber488-26151801800
140Troy Dickson426-26771800300
150David Hensley273-2830914600
160Randy Minor250-28531301302
170Austin Dickson250-28531001300
180Reggie Alcarez190-29131100101
190Michael Fearon119-2984700001
200Doug Beasley81-3022400000
210Sherwood Williford78-3025302200
220Bob Palmer49-3054300000
230Jeff Marble35-3068101110
240Cody James22-3081100000
250Andy Ticco22-3081100000
260Steve Pierce19-3084100000

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